In these last days…

Here's some good news: Remember the Biden sign in my neighborhood I mentioned that seemed well positioned, but then disappeared? Now it's back...

Here’s some good news: Remember the Biden sign in my neighborhood I mentioned that seemed well positioned, but then disappeared? Now it’s back…

This is just a quick note to let y’all know why you’re not seeing much from me in these last days before the most critical election of our lifetimes.

My brother-in-law suddenly died in Memphis, and we’re preparing to get on the road and go there for the funeral. We haven’t been thinking about much but that, and won’t be until the election is over. This is all we have room or time for right now.

Not that the last-minute election insanity hasn’t been going on around us anyway:

  • My son who is going with us had planned to vote on Election Day, and had to go stand in line for two and a quarter hours Saturday. But he got the job done. Everyone in the family has voted now.
  • I’m glad I went ahead and did it last Tuesday. I had never, ever in my whole voting life had anything come up to prevent me voting on Election Day, but this time I was worried maybe something could. I had thought, “What if I get COVID?” I never thought anything like this would come up.
  • The sign vandals have picked up their pace again — and now in broad daylight. I’ve told you I’ve been bringing in my Biden signs every night, and putting them back out in the morning. Now, they’re striking in broad daylight. Once today, one of my signs was lying on the ground. I saw that the ground was torn up at the base, suggesting it had been deliberately knocked down. I set it back up. Within an hour, it had been knocked down completely.
  • I think I’ve seen indirect evidence that some Trump signs have been knocked down or stolen in the neighborhood. A few of those have appeared now — the Donald might be up to four or five yards in the neighborhood (nowhere near as many as Biden signs). One went up about 10 houses down our street just in the last few days, together with a Graham sign (those are rare). Today, when I walked by, there was only the Graham sign. I hope it wasn’t a case of theft or vandalism, but I can’t rule it out. Passions run high all around.

Anyway, I’ve had enough of it. I’m so ready for these horrible four years to be over. Maybe, by the time we’re back home, it will be. I hope and pray so.

I’ll end with this, one of my favorite things I saw today:

7 thoughts on “In these last days…

  1. Pat

    I’m so sorry to learn of your brother-in-law’s passing.
    We’ll be praying for your family and for safe travels.

  2. bud

    Sorry to hear about your brother in laws passing. 2020 has been a tough year. My son’s roommate just tested positive for COVID and has been sick for a week and a half but so far no hospital.

  3. Bryan Caskey

    Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. We’ll keep his family and your family in our prayers. Travel safe.

  4. Barry

    Be careful at the funeral. A coworker of mine is in Extremely critical condition, on a ventilator, right now. He’s 51 and in otherwise good health. He and his wife recently adopted 4 children. His family thinks he caught it at his aunt’s funeral. No one was wearing masks or distancing. Apparently a number believed it’s a hoax.

    I Recently attended a funeral myself and the announcement was made that everyone would be keeping a distance, wearing masks at the request of the family, and no one would shaking hands. We had no receiving line, and the Visitation was immediate family only.

    I am sorry.

  5. Carol Smith

    Sorry Brad! 2020- no words but I am grateful for the discovery of your family. So ready for these 4 years to be over!!

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