Want diversity? Then you should have elected the white guy. Ironic, ain’t it?

TweetWell, I’ll probably get some heat for that headline, from irony-deprived people who get as put off by it as I did when I heard about the “Don’t blame me; I voted for the white guy” bumper stickers after the 2008 election. But I couldn’t resist; there’s just so much ironic goofiness inherent in the […]

Wearing your allegiance on your sleeve — or on your Facebook page, anyway

TweetRight after the election, I noticed a Nikki Haley bumper sticker, and it struck me that I hadn’t seen a whole lot of those during the election, which caused me to Tweet: Ever notice how you see more bumper stickers for a candidate AFTER he/she wins than you did before Election Day? I do… It […]

How Nikki Haley charmed me

Tweet That was my compromise headline, by the way. My first thought was “How Nikki Haley seduced me,” and boy, that would have driven my traffic up and helped me sell some ads. It would have been a perfectly fine use of figurative language. But I decided against it. I’m not THAT anxious to sell […]

2010 motto: Let’s do it right this time (or something along those lines)

TweetOne conclusion to be drawn from my last two posts — the one about censuring Sanford and the one about the S.C. Senate’s slavish devotion to a bankrupt governing philosophy — is that our state is in desperate need of better leadership. Or just leadership, period, for a change. The importance of this coming gubernatorial […]

And don’t you DARE let SC opt out of health care reform

TweetHere’s the thing that really frosts me about this health care debate: One of the little bargaining chips offered by those milquetoast “liberals” who don’t have the guts to stand up for the public option (and seriously, a “liberal Democrat” who won’t stand up for single-payer or something equally sweeping is a waste of skin) […]

Sorry, but calling the president a ‘liar’ is out of bounds for BOTH parties

TweetSigh. I really don’t want to have this argument with friends, especially not on the anniversary of 9/11, but I can’t let what Kathryn said over on Facebook stand without responding. It was in reply to this post back here, in which I asserted that Democrats drag themselves down to Joe Wilson’s level when they […]

Brave new world of political discourse

Tweet By BRAD WARTHENEDITORIAL PAGE EDITORONCE, NOT so long ago, serious people decried the reduction and trivialization of political ideas to the level of a bumper sticker. Some days, I long for the coherence, the relevance, the completeness of bumper stickers.    Let’s knit together a few of the unraveled threads that have frayed my mind […]

Hoping, audaciously

TweetBy BRAD WARTHENEDITORIAL PAGE EDITORBACK IN JANUARY, I said — on video; you can view it on my blog — that this year’s presidential election presented the American people with a no-lose proposition.    It was the first time in my career when the two candidates we (and I) enthusiastically endorsed for their respective nominations […]

Reason vs. Bush hatred

TweetThere’s a pleasingly dispassionate treatment on the WSJ op-ed page today of that modern phenomenon of passions gone wild, Bush hatred. Specifically, he deals with the oddity of intellectuals who actually defend hatred — by that word — as a rational response. More broadly, he brushes over the fact of president hatred in general. A […]

What we have here is a refusal to communicate

TweetThe nature of this discussion is changing for me. That is, the nature of what interests me in it is changing. I find myself becoming less interested in my original question, and more interested in the phenomenal barriers to communication that human beings will erect when having a discussion of political philosophy. I’m going to […]

John McCain is wrong about ONE thing…

TweetJohn McCain is wrong about one issue that is of any personal importance to me: the Confederate flag. And of course the moderator in last night’s debate asked him, and only him, about it. That’s fitting, since a moderator should probe a candidate’s weak points in trying to get at the truth. Fortunately for McCain […]

OK, that’s ONE I’ve seen. Any others out there?

Tweet Today I saw my first actual “Republicans for Sheheen” bumper sticker on an actual vehicle. And this was on an SUV, so it was definitely a real Republican, right? (Just kidding, GOPpers — can’t you take a joke?) I’ve heard, privately, from a lot of folks whom you might otherwise expect to vote Republican […]