Gov. Moonbeam, original edition

The coincidences abound. One of my colleagues happened to e-mail me a link to Jerry Brown’s blog. Yes, that Jerry Brown, former governor of California (and son of a governor of California), former presidential candidate, former boyfriend of Linda Ronstadt.

The original Governor Moonbeam.

I already had the site bookmarked, but hadn’t looked at it in a while. It seems fortuitous that Mike would remind me of it now, just as I’m sitting down to blog. Only at this moment did it strike me that South Carolinians might want to go check it out. It could be useful. Maybe they’ll find some hints to help them understand our Governor Moonbeam.

Or maybe not. In any case, I thought it was sort of cool to see that Mr. Brown had recently quoted Gertrude Stein on his blog. They probably do that every day out in California, but not in S.C. And the thing is, I quoted Miss Stein, just yesterday. Of course, I was on a serious coffee jag at the time. (From a single cup. It doesn’t take much.)

The thing is, I’ve always sort of liked Jerry Brown. There’s something about politicians who are out there; they say interesting things. I even voted for him in a primary once — probably partly because of the alternatives before me at the time. But then, I also participated in endorsing Mr. Sanford, also partly because of the alternative. But beyond the lack of alternatives thing, I suppose I also have a weakness for eccentrics.

Besides, both of them have been known to make sense at times. People do that when they don’t mind saying things other people wouldn’t say.

Unfortunately, it can be a hit-and-miss thing, as we’ve discovered with our own variety of this species.

One thought on “Gov. Moonbeam, original edition

  1. appalled

    God, Brad, what a worthless post. Can you point to one substantive criticism of Governor Sanford in that post?
    What’s that? A deafening silence?
    It looks like you’re just resorting to invective. Your substanceless sneering makes John Graham Altman look like a high intellectual–and that’s no mean feat.

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