Video: McCain goes to the mattresses

Apparently, there is still a John McCain presidential campaign going on in South Carolina, in spite of conventional wisdom. I’m not dismissing conventional wisdom, mind you — Mike Fitts’ assessment of his situation this morning was as follows: "He’s out." And I’m not arguing with Mike, on account of the fact that he finally came back from vacating in Colorado, and I don’t have to do the production work any more. I had to be physically restrained in the hallway this morning to keep me from hugging him.

That doesn’t mean I agree with him.

True, when I went by the McCain HQ this morning on a whim to see if it was still there (actually, I’d never been there before; I had to ask Bob McAlister where it was), I found one staff left. It was quiet — too quiet. But B.J Boling was putting a brave face on things, as the video will attest — talking about no more of this massive, Clausewitzian-army approach — back to the insurgency of 2000. Anyway, listen to the video to hear the sound of a campaign going to the mattresses.


B.J. isn’t the only guy on the staff, mind you — I ran into Buzz Jacobs in the parking lot on my way out ofJacobsbuzz
the HQ (in Richard Quinn’s building at 1600 Gervais — that’s 1600, note). I said I wanted to get a mug shot, so he stood in front of an SUV with a McCain sticker on it. But he explained he isn’t a Clemson grad.

Anyway, B.J.  and Buzz actually do have some good points when they say the campaign’s obits are greatly exaggerated. I tend to agree with them. Two of the better points:

  1. McCain still raised more money than any candidate of either party in South Carolina in the past quarter — in spite of, as Buzz put it, "getting our butts beat over immigration." So there.
  2. Who the heck else are Republicans going to go with in South Carolina? Seriously. Giuliani? I like Giuliani OK — he’s a stand-up guy — but I can’t see Repubs in this state seriously going with him. Mitt Romney? I don’t think so. Maybe, but I really don’t think so.

And oh yeah — where’s that Fred Thompson guy anyway?


3 thoughts on “Video: McCain goes to the mattresses

  1. Cindi Scoppe

    Brad is out of town and out of pocket until after 5 but wanted me to let you know: He knows the video isn’t working. He’ll get it fixed as soon as he can.

  2. Doug Ross

    Two other data points:
    Ron Paul got more donations from military members than McCain.
    In an AP poll released today, “None of the above” was the leading vote getter for Republican candidates.

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