Looks like it might be over: Romney to back McCain

Just got this e-mail alert from the WSJ:

    Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has agreed to endorse Sen. John McCain and is asking his national convention delegates to swing behind the party front-runner, according to officials familiar with the decision. If all of Romney’s 280 delegates switch, McCain could quickly reach the total of 1,191 needed to clinch the nomination and end rival Mike Huckabee’s chances.

Make of it what you will.

7 thoughts on “Looks like it might be over: Romney to back McCain

  1. Gordon Hirsch

    Seems pretty clear. The GOP knows it has to unify to win, and they’re making it happen — and the Democrats aren’t.

  2. dave faust

    It doesn’t matter.
    It may hasten the all but inevitable nomination of John F’ing McCain, but it doesn’t matter. The Huckster has never had a chance to become the elephant nominee, so the fact that Romneys’ endorsement went to McCain can’t hurt the Huck. Bonus for us, it might just end his insufferable and increasingly ridiculous campaign more quickly. I cannot wait for the point this spring or summer at which Huck-a-doodle drops out and I no longer have to listen to his lies and inanities. Do you really believe this charlatan when he says he didn’t raise taxes as governor? Do you actually think this nimrod didn’t intend for people to see the cross in that ad?
    Romneys’ nomination really doesn’t matter for J. F’ing McCain either: No matter what happens, he will not win in November. Don’t get your eye off the ball and forget that. This year the republican presidential candidate is going down in flames.
    Conservatives need to focus on the thing which remains important: Attempting to regain some ground in congress. David

  3. dave faust

    Don’t get me wrong…I have nothing against the cross per se. I am forever indebted to the One who died on it.
    But I hate it when I see it hung around some jokers’ neck arguing about a phone bill on Judge Judy, and I hate it when I witness its’ wanton manipulation for purely personal purposes the way Huck-a-boo-boo did. Shameless is a word that comes to mind, and I can think of a few others. Huck-a-ramas’ campaign cannot end soon enough for me. David

  4. bud

    Maybe Romney’s endorsement is a quid pro quo for McCain’s disgusting vote in favor of torture. In case you missed it Brad, your hero sold out to the far-right nutcase faction of the GOP:
    Congress banned any military use of waterboarding and other harsh tactics through the Detainee Treatment Act of 2006, which was co-sponsored by Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), now the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination.
    But McCain sided with the Bush administration yesterday on the waterboarding ban passed by the Senate, saying in a statement that the measure goes too far by applying military standards to intelligence agencies. He also said current laws already forbid waterboarding, and he urged the administration to declare it illegal.
    -Washington Post

  5. bud

    From McCain’s perspective the sell-out vote was a great political move. He can claim that he really supports tough interogation techniques while clinging to the myth that he really doesn’t believe in torture. He may pick off a few voters from the right or some valuable endorsements. Since there appears to be nothing he can do to shake the hypnotized press that he is indeed a straight-talking moderate this vote is good politically.
    But what if he becomes president? Since he was against torture before he was for it the American public will just have to wait and see where he really stands.
    As a McCain supporter in 2000 I just cannot understand how this man has lost his way so badly: promising endless wars, an occupation of Iraq for 100 years and now he’s pro-torture. Or did I just misread him in the first place? Perhaps we still don’t know the real John McCain. Hopefully we’ll never have to find out.

  6. dave faust

    Two opposing things things at work here:
    A) McCain has absolutely reveled in being the darling of the MSM, and he has gone to great lengths to secure that position and burnish it. If being the media darling meant collaborating with liberal democrats, McCain was there. If it meant molesting the constitution, he jumped on that. If it meant b*tch-slapping religious conservatives or smiting the presidents’ cheek (figuratively of course), he did it gleefully and remorselessly. He has been hopelessly starstruck. It would have been sort of sad had he not been such an a**h*le while doing it. As it is, he’s really only succeeded in making millions angry at him.
    B) On the other hand, he hasn’t been bright enough to realize that the MSM must and assuredly will turn on him as soon as he’s no longer needed. The MSM has built him, and they will inevitably tear him down when time comes to ensure a democrat gets into the Whitehouse. He has been really nothing more than a doddering old useful idiot. And he will soon be tossed onto the political trash heap…he’s over seventy and he will soon be an ex-senator who failed to become president. Not much to look back on when facing eternity…and he deserves it.


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