David Herndon, S.C. House Dist. 79

9:35 a.m. —
David Herndon turned 40 a few months ago, looked around, and decided it was time to get involved with politics. His business (trucking) was in good shape, and his kids at an age that he could free up the time.

First, he replaced Sherri Few as chair of the Kershaw County GOP. Then, when he heard Bill Cotty would not seek re-election, and Ms. Few was the only Republican contender for the seat (at that time), he filed for that.

He cites two main differences between him and Ms. Few, who as you may recall ran against Mr. Cotty last time:

  1. She’s the private-school voucher (or tax credit) candidate, and he stands in opposition to that. With three kids in public schools he says he feels like he’s got too much investment in them to give up now. He says his opponent’s support of private school "choice" isn’t overt, but all you have to do is look at where her money comes from. The current holder of the seat, of course, has been a favorite whipping boy of the out-of-state interests that have financed the private school "choice" movement in S.C.
  2. He’s a businessman, who’s made a payroll and knows what it’s like to make his way in the real world. By contrast, Ms. Few’s main experience is in the nonprofit world, with "most of the money coming out of Washington."

Beyond his opposition to vouchers, however, Mr. Herndon doesn’t have much to propose in the area of education, beyond paying teachers better.

He does have other reforms he’d like to see. He’s one of those all-too-few candidates who brings up government restructuring before we can ask him about it. He would get rid of the Budget and Control Board, and reduce the number of constitutional officers.

He says that "in general" he’s against tax increases — except for the cigarette tax. He wants to bring more of "a business approach" to government, but his emphasis is less on taxes than on spending. He’s an advocate for setting priorities, and an opponent of such pork spending as the Green Bean Museum in Lake City.

He also wants to work to make health care coverage more accessible. He learned the hard way — through having a child with cancer — that health insurance "is one of the most important things a family can have."

Looking ahead to the general election, he said he sees himself as having an advantage over Democrat Anton Gunn, in terms of having lived in the district 30 years, and having his roots there.

10 thoughts on “David Herndon, S.C. House Dist. 79

  1. brian

    Ain’t no way in hell I’m voting for him; been here, lived here as long as he has. Most importantly, I know him and his family.
    In the slight chance that he wins the (R) nomination, I will be a yellow dog and vote for whatever Democrat is nominated.

  2. Confused

    Which trucking company in the district does David Herndon own and run? I am confused because he tried to sell me insurance no too long ago. If someone can answer this, please respond because I am confused.

  3. Brad Warthen

    Follow the links, folks. The bio on his Web site says he owns CPI trucking. I think he said it specializes in transporting landscaping stuff.

    He also mentioned he had also been in the insurance business, but had sold that. At least I think he said that. The Web site has him still "operating First Service Insurance, LLC."

  4. Ross

    For someone who thinks that they are in the know, he does not have a clue. Bill Cotty announced weeks before Sheri stepped down that he would not seek re-election. David misused the party or is absolutly clueless. I can say that in his tenure as party chairman he did nothing. He needs to learn one of the basic rules of politics: if you are going to lie, keep your lies straight.

  5. Earl T.

    If he is the future of politics and support for Kershaw County, we need to move.David Herndon is no more of a businessman, then I am the next Pope. Herndon needs to secure the padlock on his past. His background is full of holes. Trucking pinestraw around does not mean you own a trucking company. Peddling insurance to your friends is not owning an insurance company. Paying teachers more is his only solution for education? He is a joke.

  6. Blake

    David is a guy with very sound core beliefs, and he is not a self serving person. He is not padding his resume. Everything he has said is true. He said it in as straight forward language as possible. If anyone wants more explaination, he will be straight forward about it. He certainly does not have a checkered past. I know the guy, and he is a straight shooter. He knows right from wrong and I want a guy in the State House that knows where to spend my money, and where not to. Yes he is new, and his platform is pretty basic, but at least he isn’t a mouthpiece for out of state money that wants to use SC as a lab for school choice. Vouchers are the stupidist, most contrary to common sense idea I have heard to improve schools. School choice? Musicians will go to the school with the best band. Athletes will go to the school with the best coach. Racists of every color will migrate toward their comfort zone. Honor’s kids will migrate to private schools, and leave the public schools without proper funding. That is not how we should educate our children. I can vote for David on that issue alone, but I also have confidence, that he will judge other issues with common sense and a good business practices point of view. Tax revenue must act primarilly as an investment in the people of this state, not as a gift to special interests that can’t raise money in the marketplace.

  7. Star Drakeford

    I am with the new Holiday Inn Hotel on Twon Notch Road off of I-77 and would love to be the host hotel for David’s Victory Celebration. We have banquet facilities that could accomodate the group size of a victory celebration for this type of election. We are honored to have David as a candidate. Please contact me so that I may discuss how we can help.
    Star Drakfeord
    Director of Sales

  8. Julianne

    My dad has three kids (1)Zachary Herndon who is now 14
    (2)Julianne Herndon who is about to turn 12
    (3)Seth McCartney who is now 7 and Seth has #4 cancer and will be in some medical book for being the first child to survive. This type of cancer he is not supposed to be here today but he is he’s a cancer survivor!
    I love u daddy! <3

  9. single dad

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