My former employer is having me followed

Not sure what to make of this.

One of the pleasures — for a megalomaniac — of Twitter is that instead of having “friends” (and I’ve never quite gotten the meaning of the word as Facebook uses it), you have “followers.” My number of followers has been steadily, but gradually, growing since I signed up over the weekend. Each one makes me feel slightly more powerful and influential, just because of the word.

But what am I to make of my 26th follower?

The State Newspaper (thestate) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Not Warren or Cindi or even Mark Lett, or Gary Ward with No, the institution itself. Its icon is an extreme closeup of the paper’s nameplate.

Of course, you know that I’ve always loved Big Brother. Even ex-Big Brother.

I guess I should deal with this by following it right back, huh?

3 thoughts on “My former employer is having me followed

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    Tit for tat *is* the most effective strategy.

    Why the confusion about FB friends? As in real life, they are whomever you say they are, by whatever sorting mechanism you choose–some people will friend any carbon-based life form, and on FB even some non-life forms. Businesses and politicians, as in real life, want all the friends they can get. SOme people are social climbers. Others have the would-I-cross-the-street-if-they-came-at-me cut-off, the cocktail party cut-off (would I speak to them there?), the wedding guest list cut-off, the dinner party cut-off and the house guest cut-off. Personally, I have never refused a human’s request, but I have unfriended some events and businesses that got too chatty, and only one person– in a fit of pique. Otherwise, the more the merrier. If you take too many quizzes, you might get hidden from my news feed, though.

  2. Brad Warthen

    I might have to drop TheState on Twitter. Of 20 updates on my home page, 17 were from TheState, and most were either things I’d already read in the paper, or things I did not care about, such as “MB Sun Fun Fest has alcohol, Ric Flair…”

    Too much clutter. I get much more useful info from following John O’Connor and Adam Beam.

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