Blog readers and their kids!

Yesterday, as I was on my way in to lunch, someone calls “Mr. Warthen!” — which strikes me as unnecessarily formal under the circumstances, but that’s what he said — and I turn and Phillip Bush, our regular commenter here, was just getting his little boy Spencer out of the car. At least, I learned that was our Phillip when he introduced himself.

As is my custom when I first meet people I had previously known only via the blog, I immediately took their picture with the Blackberry.

As Phillip explained by e-mail when I wrote to him to double-check Spencer’s name:

Spencer and I were just coming back from his third and final day of Sprout Camp at Riverbanks Botanical Garden, where I spent much of my time running around trying to keep him from inadvertently squashing the bugs, worms, etc. we were supposed to be looking at, in his newly-3-year-old enthusiasm. But we had lots of fun.

That encounter reminded me of another recent one that I forgot to share with y’all — I ran into Michael Rodgers of “Take Down the Flag” fame at the Vincent Sheheen primary-night victory party. He had daughter Kate with him.

Now you know what these guys look like, along with Doug and Bud and Laurin and Paul DeMarco (whom we haven’t heard from in awhile) and others.

It was great meeting Michael and Phillip and Kate and Spencer…

11 thoughts on “Blog readers and their kids!

  1. Doug Ross

    If you would host a beerfest sometime, I bet we could all meet, greet, and come to the agreement that none of the regular commenters are as horrible as they seem in the comments. I would even pay for the first round…

  2. Brad

    Yeah, we need to do that. I’ve meant to do it for years. I kept meaning to do it at the paper, where I had a marketing department that among other things organized events, but with the budget tightening so in the years since I started the blog — in fact, by the time I left, there was essentially no marketing department — I never got around to it.

    Maybe I’ll go ahead and do it — if I can get a sponsor. Anyone? Maybe we can do a trade — a free ad for small, well-behaved beer party. We do things like that out here in the wheeler-dealer business world…

  3. Susan G.

    And if you’ve never heard Phillip perform (I assume not, since you didn’t know what he looked like), I’d encourage you to do so if you get a chance — it’s a treat!

  4. bud

    Good looking kids Kate and Spencer.

    Just got back from the big parade. I’d be interested in seeing the crowd estimate for that. The north steps of the state house were completely full and as far as I could tell there Main Street was packed 3-4 rows deep all the way to Laurel Street. Perhaps 5000?

  5. Kathryn Fenner

    I thought there was talk of fielding a team for the Breast Cancer walk this year.

    I don’t think you need to pay anything–we can buy our own. Drinking Liberally meets one week a month @ the Cellar on Greene, and I think they give them a discount, and the Publick House the rest of the time, and I know the owner of the Publick House is the opposite of liberal. Just pick a place….

  6. Brad

    Bud, I’m thinking well over 5,000. I was at the corner of Lady and Main, so I never saw the whole group assembled. But looking at this picture from the State House (which I wish I could blow up to examine more closely, but this is apparently full size), it’s considerably bigger than pro-Confederate flag rallies I saw at the State House back in the 90s that were estimated at 5,000. The only crowd I’ve seen that rivaled or exceeded what I’m looking at in this picture (or what I THINK I’m seeing; as I say, the resolution makes it hard to tell) was the anti-flag King Day at the Dome in 2000. That was estimated at 60,000. This probably wasn’t that big, but I have no way of knowing at this point…

  7. Kathryn Fenner

    Yeah, it’s been days! No front page.

    So what does Phillip do to perform?

    and of course they’re cute kids–liberal kids are always cute. (So are conservative ones…;) )

  8. Susan G.

    He’s a professional pianist. I think he mostly performs modern classical pieces, both as a soloist and in an ensemble. Last time I heard him play was a couple of years ago in the Southern Exposure series.

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