Gimme a little help here, Michele

After receiving yet another of these from Michele Bachmann:

Dear Fellow Conservative,

DonateIt’s hard to believe that September is already upon us. As the summer comes to an end, I hope that you are able to spend and enjoy this long Labor Day weekend with your friends and family.

It has been just over 70 days since we announced our campaign for President, and the days have flown by. Although the seasons and months may be changing, one thing remains certain in the United States: Americans are tired of President Obama’s failed leadership and policies….

Below, I’ve included some informative articles about the past week, and some great ways for you to get involved with our campaign. After reading them, I hope that you will consider making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, or any amount up to the legal limit to help spread us our message of growth and prosperity in this busy time.


Michele Bachmann

Well… at least she didn’t call me “Brad,” the way those grasping missives from the Democrats do. I wrote this note in response:

I seem to have ended up on the wrong email list. I’m a journalist, a 35-year newspaper veteran. I’m now covering the campaign for my own blog, What I need to receive are press releases and media advisories. Yet somehow I’ve gotten on the fund-raiser mailing list.

I assure you, I will not be giving to this or any other campaign. I just need the info necessary to COVER the campaign. Anything you can do for me would be appreciated.

— Brad Warthen

I have no idea whether this note will do any good. It’s one of those “info@” addresses, and those are generally not read by humans, right? But one must try.

I think I got on this list by requesting via Twitter to be included in campaign communications. I need to be more specific in the future, I guess.

One thought on “Gimme a little help here, Michele

  1. Nick Nielsen

    It’s definitely a campaign communication. Every time I get one of those, I get a mental image of Animal saying “Need money!”

    Maybe that’s her entire message…


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