Open Thread for Monday, October 13, 2014

First, happy birthday to my Uncle Woody.

Now, here are some possible topics:

  1. CDC: Unclear how many in Dallas were exposed to Ebola — First, we heard about how this got out of control in Africa because those poor, benighted folk lack the medical care we have in the developed world. Then, we tsk-tsked about how Spain couldn’t even protect its health care workers. Now, it turns out we can’t, either.
  2. Vatican Signals More Lenient Stance on Gays and Divorce — I read this, but didn’t see any news in it. I think this, and the Pope’s previous comments, seem like big news to people who didn’t understand the Church to start with. It’s all a matter of emphasis. I applaud what Pope Francis has chosen to emphasize, but it’s no radical departure.
  3. Kim Jong-un reappears after absence — Oh, well. It was too much of a good thing to last.

I tried to find something local, but I didn’t see much but crime and sports. But maybe there’s something good that I missed. In any case, y’all talk about what interests you

11 thoughts on “Open Thread for Monday, October 13, 2014

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    I hope we don’t get any tornadoes, but i sure am ready for the steamy weather to lift! C’mon guys, the second week in October is past. We earned some sweater weather, or even long sleeve weather!

  2. Dave Crockett

    Maybe it’s the constant blaring from my weather radio (Kathryn!) scrambling my brain this morning, but I don’t grok the image on the ball in the Arial cartoon. Someone please enlighten me…

    1. Bart

      It is about vunerable Democrats trying to free themselves from anything tied to Obama after Obama made the comment that he was on the ballot via his initiatives and agenda.

      Kinda reminds me of 2006 when GWB couldn’t pay Republicans to let him campaign with them.

  3. clark surratt

    Every time I see this N. Korea guy, my mind wants to think of a line I used to hear in my backwash home town (plus attempt at pun): “He was a pretty good Jong Un until he fell in with the wrong crowd.”

  4. Brad Warthen Post author

    Speaking of weather — we’ve been watching it pretty closely. We were in Memphis from Friday evening through Tuesday morning (and driving back all day Tuesday, hence no blogging), and everybody was all about the weather. They even canceled school in Memphis on Monday, it was supposed to be so bad.

    I played golf that morning with my brother-in-law and his sons, and it was a perfect day for it. It started raining when I got back to where we were staying (with another brother-in-law). My sister-in-law opened up and showed us the special storm shelter they had under their laundry room — encased in steel. We had no occasion to use it, though. It mostly drizzled the rest of the day.

    Then we followed, and occasionally entered, rainy areas all day yesterday. It never even rained particularly hard.

    Everywhere we sent the last two or three days, nothing but dire warnings. But then they turned out to be for naught

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Actually, I thought I heard that they closed schools in Memphis on Monday, but I’m seeing no confirmation of that to link to, so maybe I heard it wrong. In any case, everybody was braced for severe thunderstorms and/or tornadoes, but we didn’t get any…

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