Flooding in my neighborhood, Quail Hollow

These are the tennis courts at Quail Hollow in West Columbia on Sunday a little past midday.

They’re right next to the Saluda River, which you can see rushing in the background. I guess technically, all of this is now the Saluda River.

That loud buzzing is an alarm coming from a transformer that’s right next to me. I don’t know what it means, but I’m being careful not to touch the water.

Our house is one block from the river, but way up a steep hill.

We drove around the neighborhood a bit more, and then, as we returned to the house at 1:30, the sun came out. Don’t know whether that means the worst is over, or not.

More pictures below…

8 thoughts on “Flooding in my neighborhood, Quail Hollow

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    NWS is calling for more rain. We saw the sun, briefly, but now it’s raining again. NWS cancelled the flash flood warning, and declared a flood warning. Columbia is under a boil water advisory.

    1. Brad Warthen

      We went to Shandon at about 4:30 to get the twins (their Mom’s in Thailand; their Dad had to head back to Duke, where he teaches).

      Their water was not running at that time.

  2. Brad Warthen

    Meanwhile, our neighbors down the street, a couple and their sons, are staying with us and the twins tonight. They are closer to the river and were told to evacuate.

    Ironically, their daughter (who lives in Israel) is visiting our youngest in Thailand — along with three of our older kids, all at the same time.

    So two families are really having adventures, on both sides of the planet…


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