Updating my blogroll: Any suggestions?


I neglect my blogroll. In fact, I think about it so little that it occurs to me: Do people still do blogrolls, or look at them, or are they just too 2005?

Did you even know I had one? It’s located almost at the bottom of the rail at right.blogroll

Anyway, I noticed today, belatedly, that Wesley Donehue had started blogging again — way back in February, it seems. So I added his new blog, “Push HARDER,” to the mix.

And I removed some links that are now defunct — or at least, I fixed them so they don’t show, just in case they come back sometime.

So, since I’m in updating mode, are there any blogs out there I’m missing, that you think I should include?

I’m particularly interested in blogs by South Carolinians, and of a political nature. If you know of any. I’m talking, of course, about good stuff like our own Bryan Caskey’s “Permanent Press.” Check out his latest, about the “Jerk Quarterback” who won’t stand for the national anthem. (This counts as a sports reference!)

Oh, for those halcyon days of SC political blogging, with Laurin Manning, and Tim Kelly, and Sunny Phillips, and Adam Fogle’s TPS Reports! There were so many when I started 11 years ago.

And there are so few of us left…

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5 thoughts on “Updating my blogroll: Any suggestions?

  1. Claus

    The reason there are so few left is because there are so few willing to put in the time and effort long enough to survive. Ron Aiken’s blog is probably the only one that has grown and that’s because he puts in the time and effort to actually investigate issues rather than rehash or toss out personal opinions.

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