Hey, y’all, the whole blog is about to disappear!

Uhhhh... say WHAT?!?!

Uhhhh… say WHAT?!?!

That is, unless I do something. I’m not sure what yet…

Today has not been a good day. I had just been talking to my wife about how three things had happened in my world today already that caused great consternation to various people, and every one of them had seemed like someone who thought there wasn’t enough trouble in the world had gone out of his or her way to create the problem. Not that they had meant to do it; it just seemed like it, and it was weird how similar these unrelated problems were in that regard.

I’m sure you’ve had days like that. Anyway, other folks affected and I were staggering along trying to deal with these things and keep going, and then came a fourth in the series.

The first three are none of y’all’s business, but I’m going to share the fourth with you, because all of you have shown some degree of interest in this blog, so it kind of affects you:

Important information about the closure of WebFaction

Dear customer,

We’re getting in touch regarding your ‘bradwarthen’ account with WebFaction.

As previously communicated WebFaction is closing down on September 15th.

Before this time you need to ensure any sites, services, applications, email addresses
and domains (including NS records) are either migrated away from WebFaction to your new
service provider or you have made local archive copies outside of the WebFaction systems.

Please also make sure you have copied all relevant account information from WebFaction
that you may require, this includes any invoices and receipts alongside support contacts.

As of September 15th access to login to your WebFaction account will be fully disabled.

The platform will be archived, purged and fully shutdown soon after.


The WebFaction team

Oh, yeah? Well, regards back atcha, buddy.

Webfaction is this outfit that the person who redesigned my blog a decade or so ago picked to be my host, and I’ve been automatically paying something like $9.50 to them every month since then. To the best of my knowledge, this outfit was based in England. Recently — like, the last year or so — it changed names a couple of times. The second time, suddenly my automatic payments stopped working, and they dunned me for the money, and I spent an hour of my life that I’ll never get back navigating through their system, trying to figure out how to do it. I thought I had done it, but then later my wife asked why I had paid something in pounds rather than dollars, and I said I didn’t know, because I didn’t.

And now this.

So now I have to spend time I definitely can’t afford right now dealing with this problem.

I’ll keep you posted, if I can find the time…

8 thoughts on “Hey, y’all, the whole blog is about to disappear!

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Well, THAT’S not helpful! Don’t you have any math that can save me here? It’s all about ones and zeroes… 🙂

      Seriously, the guy who helped me set up the blog all those years ago says he just got the same notice out of the blue, and is trying to figure it out.

      He and I are going to talk further late tomorrow. I hope he will know what I can do by then, because I sure don’t…

      1. Bob Amundson

        42, Brad; 42. All y’all should know that “42 (or forty-two) is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. This Answer was first calculated by the supercomputer Deep Thought after seven and a half million years of thought.”

        Perhaps it is time to move on; “SO LONG, AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH!” – (hint: book 4 in the Trilogy).

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    FYI, y’all… we’re still trying to save the blog here. We’ve tried a couple of times to migrate it to a new host, without success.

    We’re about to try another way. Wish us luck.

    Anyway, until this is solved, I won’t be posting or responding to you much…

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      This is an experiment.

      The new blog is up — I think. Everything you or I have tried to post since Saturday is gone (because all that was done on the OLD blog, which I think is now kaput). So I’m in the guts of what I believe is the new blog, trying to make this comment post…

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        OK. It showed up.

        But the URL is still kind of crazy, so don’t post anything you want to see last.

        If you’d like to give me a quick comment as a test, however, that would be helpful…

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