I’ll just let Mandy speak for me on this…

10 thoughts on “I’ll just let Mandy speak for me on this…

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Earlier, I had had this to say:

    And that’s it from me.

    You people out there elected this joker, even though James and Mandy and the rest of us offered you a vastly superior alternative. Thinking about how much better they would have done leading South Carolina through COVID breaks my heart to think about.

    So y’all deal with it…

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Good song, but I have to smile at the irony of it continuing to come up.

      Kids think that was some HUGE Beatles song, because of Fiona Apple and that movie.

      It was not. In that album that contained “Let it Be” and “Get Back,” it was pretty much ignored at the time.

      In fact, I don’t know if I fully appreciated it until I heard the aforementioned cover…

    1. bud

      Why??? It has zero chance of passing. And I think you know that. So we go the mandate route. Sadly this where our politics has landed. Sad. 🙁

    2. Barry

      The proposal looks to go though OSHA. Congress doesn’t debate OSHA standards.

      There are already other OSHA standards requiring employees/employers follow medical protocol.

      BTW- will McMaster and the SC GOP leaders now revoke vaccine requirements for students in public schools? Those mandates and requirements sure don’t scream freedom and liberty.

  2. Barry

    I prefer Americans have 6 weeks to choose the vaccine, after which if you remain unvaccinated any vaccinated American can sue you

  3. Barry

    I texted with a GOP Member of the House tonight,

    He thinks McMaster, Jay Lucas, and Alan Wilson are stoking emotions – He said he hopes they cool themselves off.

  4. Barry

    Saturday morning update

    I’ve reached out to a number (at least 12) of positively apoplectic “Conservative” South Carolina politicians over the last 24 hours to ask them if they will be introducing legislation to rid South Carolina of long-standing, overbearing and “socialist” public school vaccine requirements, and so far not one of them has responded.

    I’m shocked I tell ya. Just shocked.

    One sitting GOP house member did respond to me to state that “of course they wouldn’t” be getting rid of any of the mandates. He knows their hypocrisy too well.



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