District 3 commercials, contributors

ere are the two TV commercials bought by the two best-known candidates for Columbia City Council District 3. That’s Brian Boyer’s, which went on the air Wednesday, above. Belinda Gergel’s, which started Friday, is below. (I would link you to the versions on thestate.com, but it’s the weekend and I’m at home and I need somebody to show me how to embed those. They’re linked from Adam Beam’s story today.)

Also, so you can see where the candidates are getting the money to spend on these ads, plus phone banks, yard signs, etc., I provide these resources:

Read more about these lists in my Sunday column. Admittedly, though, readers of the blog won’t find a whole lot that’s new there — beyond the names you can get yourself from the above lists.

7 thoughts on “District 3 commercials, contributors

  1. fred

    That Gergel ad is pitiful. This is what passes for creativity in political communication in this town. Static shot of candidate. Flag over shoulder. Poorly lit as she is in darkness but still squints throughout. Images fade in and fade out. Cute, italicized type floats in and sort of creeps. She licks her lips towards the end and the ‘director’ a term I must use loosely does not catch it. It is cheap videotape, shoot it again.

  2. fred

    It gets an F creatitivy, an F for original thinking, an F for production and of course A BIG FAT F for Ferillo.

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