OK, who dropped the Agent Orange?


emember how I told you about the Vietnamese cilantro that was taking over the little herb garden I had planted in my office in an effort to make it look a little less bleak?

Well, I actually took another picture of it a couple of weeks ago (above), and meant to post it to show y’all how much more it had grown, but I figured there’s a limit to how much minutia you can throw at people, even on a blog.

Well, there’s been a dramatic new development. I’ve been watering it — actually, watering it a ridiculous amount, but still, it would look thirsty on Mondays.

Here (below) is how it looked when I came this Monday. Actually, this is how it looked Tuesday, after I had given it lots of water to try to revive it.

So… either there is a limit to how much water this stuff can soak up, or somebody dropped a significant amount of Agent Orange in my office over the weekend.

Or maybe somebody put a curse on me — did ya ever think of that?

Still no coffee since 9:37 a.m….

3 thoughts on “OK, who dropped the Agent Orange?

  1. Reader

    Cilantro is one herb we’ve never tried growing, but we have tonight commenced the:
    Sprouting Socks Experiment
    7:42 PM 7/22/08
    -one bored husband
    -two eager Labrador retrievers
    -two reliable painting socks
    -one neighborhood pond &
    -surrounding shores of limitless wonder…
    [The State, P. D2, 7/22/08]
    Results available only here…stay tuned…

  2. Reader

    7/30/08 8:57 P.M.
    Eighth Day – Sock Sprout Report:
    There is one black, burr-looking growth.
    Apparently, there aren’t enough interesting herbs & things growing in Lexington County to justify all the law enforcement on “duty” out here.

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