Have some fun in the Sistine Chapel

The guy who did the ceiling.

Before I forget about it totally — go check out this cool interactive Vatican site that Burl brought our attention to in a comment the other day. You can spin it around 360 degrees in three dimensions, and do so all sorts of different ways by changing the mouse

setting down in the left-hand corner (where you’ll also find the buttons that let you zoom in and out).

Very cool. And much cheaper than a trip to Rome. I enjoyed it, anyway.

Michelangelo did a pretty awesome job. I wonder what he would have charged, say, to do my TV room?

7 thoughts on “Have some fun in the Sistine Chapel

  1. David in Chapel Hill

    This looks a heap better than actually going there. My one visit to the place was in the company of, oh, thousands of other people moving along at glacial pace and rendering it impossible for any of us to actually explore the room.

  2. Brad

    Ummm… you don’t think the Pope’s gonna sue me on that, do you?

    I mean, all I did was direct my readers to the Vatican’s site, grabbing their attention with a static screenshot. That should be OK, right?

    Of course, I’m a convert and not a Cradle Catholic, and they really don’t fully indoctrinate converts as to all the rules (or they didn’t back in the early 80s). For instance, I had to learn to cross myself by watching Mafia movies and Latin American baseball players stepping into the batter’s box (which is why I do it Latin style, and not the way my Irish wife and most American Catholics do it — but that makes me feel at home at the Spanish masses). I improvise, and make do the best I can…

  3. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    I believe your wife is an American of Irish descent, as I am an American of German descent. When I’d call myself “German” to non-Americans, they’d be correctly confused.

  4. Doug Ross

    How many hungry people could be fed if the Catholic Church sold off the Sistine Chapel to a private organization to run as a museum?

    I’m thinking God looks at that ceiling and says, “Yeah, so what?”

  5. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    The poor will always be with us. (At least that’s what the Church-approved version of the Gospels says.)

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