Why stump for Romney in NH, rather than SC?

Speaking of releases from the SC Democrats, they just put out the above video, with this comment from Dick Harpootlian:

Instead of rolling up her sleeves and getting to work on South Carolina’s problems with jobs, education, and taxes, Nikki Haley is jetting to New Hampshire to play politics and mingle with the national press and pundits. It’s clear Nikki Haley is already done with all of us here in South Carolina and is planning her national political career. I hope she’ll bring us back a t-shirt that says “Nikki went to New Hampshire and all I got was this lousy tee shirt (and a lousy Governor).”

Aw, come on, Dick! The T-shirt gag has been done to death, and you just used it awkwardly to boot.

Anyway, the conclusion I draw from the video is that the Dems are driving to drive a wedge between our governor and her Tea Party fans, who are already less than enchanted with her over her support of Mitt Romney.

Beyond that, I find myself wondering — if she wants to campaign for Romney, why doesn’t she do it right here at home, with our primary coming up on the 21st?

Could it be because she’s worn out her welcome with many of the voters Romney needs to charm down here, while she still continues to get a free ride, and hagiographic coverage, from the national media — thereby making her more valuable far from home?

I don’t know. I doubt Mitt is that hip to the situation in SC. But it would be interesting if that’s what his campaign is thinking.

25 thoughts on “Why stump for Romney in NH, rather than SC?

  1. Ralph Hightower

    Friendlier territory?

    People in New Hampshire just get the filtered news from Fox News and don’t see how she’s trashed our state.

    I wonder what costing method she is going to use for her flight to NH on a private Gulfstream flying corporate boardroom. Is she going to price the flight as “coach class”?

  2. bud

    The governor was featured prominently on last nights Orange Bowl. The Clemson players and coaches signaled in the plays by flashing giant cards with either Nikki Haley or Michele Obama. Somehow that was the clue as to what play was to be called. Given the one-sided outcome of the game I’m not sure that was the kind of exposure the governor was looking for.

  3. j

    “Could it be because she’s worn out her welcome with many of the voters.”
    Brad, you hit the ‘Nail” on its head!

  4. Doug Ross

    Guess you didn’t make that 2012 resolution that you wouldn’t trash Nikki Haley at least once a day. I’m sure Vincent Sheheen would never have traveled outside the state if he had won.

    Ah, the glory days missed of a Sheheen governorship… Can you name one thing he would have done by now that would have been so much more beneficial to the people of South Carolina? I mean, he didn’t have any ideas going into the election beyond boilerplate..

  5. `Kathryn Fenner

    To her credit, New Hampshire vs. South Carolina this time of year weatherwise–advantage SC.

    Look, she doesn’t need any more exposure here, but if she were to be considering a national office, national exposure would be called for. Not sure if it’s wise, exactly, since the results of her exposure here are not encouraging, as you point out.

  6. Brad

    I can guarantee you, 100 percent, that had Vincent been elected, he would not be abandoning us to go stump for Mitt Romney in New Hampshire.

    But seriously, yes, I’m confident that Vincent would not spend a 10th of the time traveling outside the state for political purposes that Nikki does.

    That’s because I know him, and I know her. Vincent was interested in being governor of South Carolina and had zero national ambitions. Which pretty much makes him Nikki’s polar opposite on that score.

    Oh, and please let me apologize for having yet again written about the highest-ranking officeholder in our state on this political blog… not.


  7. Brad

    If you don’t want to read about the governor, go read my good friend The Shop Tart

    Hey, how do y’all like my new blogroll? I finally got around to separating it from just plain “links.”

  8. Doug Ross

    It’s the tone, Brad, not the volume. Shrill plus snark is only tolerable in small doses…. otherwise one might think you are carrying grudge.

    Still waiting to hear what a Sheheen South Carolina would like today. Probably not much different since the governor doesn’t actually DO a whole lot.

  9. Brad

    I need you to point out this “shrillness” to which you refer. Quotes, please. Because I’ve never been able to find it, anywhere. There’s certainly no sign of it in this post.

    As for “snark” — I suppose that’s in the eye of the beholder. I do have a certain ironic tone sometimes — toward most of my subjects. But “snark”? I don’t know. I’m color-blind in that range…

  10. Brad

    Now Dick Harpootlian — there’s a guy who shoots for snark every time he opens his mouth. And sometimes he tries way too hard — which you see me chiding him for above.

  11. Doug Ross

    Did you miss the part where John McCain also endorsed Romney and is also on the campaign trail?

    In fact, he’s going to be with Haley Thursday and Friday in Charleston and Myrtle Beach. You going to head down there to tell the Senator he should get on the first plane back to Arizona if he has any ethics left? Maybe give him a copy of Ron Paul’s book on the economy to study. Seems like he needs to bone up on that topic.

  12. `Kathryn Fenner

    Look, Brad makes no bones about his disdain for the governor and gives us his honest take on her activities. I might give you “snark” but “shrill”? I don’t hear it.

  13. Steven Davis

    “Guess you didn’t make that 2012 resolution that you wouldn’t trash Nikki Haley at least once a day.”

    Why would it be any different than the last Republican governor? Did a day go by where Brad didn’t bash Mark Sanford?

  14. Steven Davis

    “Hey, how do y’all like my new blogroll? I finally got around to separating it from just plain “links.””

    Can’t say I noticed the difference.

  15. Steven Davis

    I think Brad’s just upset with Haley because she’s not part of the exclusive breakfast crowd at “the club”.

  16. Brad

    Or Jim Hodges? I’ll stack up what I’ve said about Mark Sanford or Nikki Haley alongside my body of work on Jim Hodges, any time.

    Really. Is your memory THAT short? I mean, what does it have to do with anything what PARTY the governor is? That may matter to you, but certainly not to me.

  17. doug ross

    So if McCain travels further to pimp Romney, does that make him a bigger hack than Haley? Wonder if Lindsey was there too trying to pander to the Tea Party? If there was a camera there I would assume he would be there also.

  18. Steve Gordy

    Steven, what’s with the multiple posts? Are you worried that people may not know what your opinions are?

  19. Steven Davis

    Steve – Why not ask Brad the same question, since he repeatedly posts 4-5-6 posts after his initial blog topic appears, many times before anyone else comments.

    Is this what is worrying you today?

  20. Ralph Hightower


    Excellent point about the weather differences.

    I’m hoping for a Nor’easter to absolutely snowbound SC Governot Haley’s entourage for a few weeks in New Hampshire.

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