Trump envisioned as the Baron Harkonnen


Apparently, I’m not the only one to draw an analogy between Donald Trump suddenly seizing control of the Republican Party and the Harkonnens crushing the Atreides and taking Arrakis.

My son-in-law brings my attention to the above — which I appreciate even though I think David Lynch’s “Dune” is the Worst Movie Ever Made. Or at least, the Worst Movie Ever Made That Should Have Been Awesome. Which was why, on my previous post on the subject, I used a picture of Germans taking Paris rather than something from the movie…

8 thoughts on “Trump envisioned as the Baron Harkonnen

  1. John Plock

    Agreed that Lynch’s “Dune” was the worst movie ever. I sworn after reading the book that I’d never watch a movie made of “Dune.” However, I really thought that Lynch could pull it off. Sorry, didn’t happen. The SyFy channel version was much better; however, neither movie every really caught the essence of the book itself.

  2. Vorian

    Except Hillary is the one with poor health and needs to be held up. She also connected to child trafficking, so another parallel to the Baron.

    Donald Trump is the Paul Atreides, because he will eventually become the God Emperor when he takes down George Soros (Padishah Emperor) and Hillary Clinton.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      REALLY? Come on! Totally aside from what you think of the candidates… if you’re a director, you definitely cast Trump as the Baron, because he LOOKS like the Baron.

      Hillary is, I don’t know… the Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam, perhaps — stern, unsympathetic keeper of an ancient sisterhood? That seems to fit. (Cue scene in which she tests Tim Kaine with the Gom Jabbar!)

      I don’t see her as the Lady Jessica, even though she IS married to the late Duke.

      There IS no Paul Atreides in this story…


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