Trump Tower bathrooms


Samuel Tenenbaum shared this with me, purporting to show restroom doors at Trump Tower.

It got a small smile from me; maybe it will do the same for you…

27 thoughts on “Trump Tower bathrooms

  1. Doug Ross

    I’m going to be in Vegas the weekend before the election. I am trying to decide whether to spend one night at the Trump Hotel just for the experience and to talk to people who work there about what they think of Trump.

    1. Claus

      You think they would answer honestly? That’s like going to a Disney property and asking them if they like working for Disney, all it takes is one complaint on an employee and he’s out the door. I’m sure a comment of, “John Doe said that working for Disney/Trump is horrible” to end his career there.

        1. Harry Harris

          New York Post. Hmm. Wonder who owns that tabloid? The same magnate who owns Fox News, perhaps?

          1. Claus

            I’m sure it’s all a misunderstanding, I see Hillary as someone who would meet her security detail with warm greeting, fresh cookies and milk and sends them each a turkey at Thanksgiving and a ham at Christmas.

      1. Doug Ross

        Because they’ll take his paycheck but not appreciate him creating the jobs they have? That’s the difference between the people who will always depend on risk takers who will do the things they can’t do.

          1. Claus

            Could be worse, he could be Donald Clinton who would refuse to even acknowledge these employees exist.

          2. Douglas Ross

            So you’d like to see him close his hotels and golf courses, right? Because he’s a mean person? I’m sure some liberal with a dream can just jump right in and start up a new place of employment for the thousands of workers who owe their livelihood to him.

              1. Douglas Ross

                Because you think people work for Trump but hate him. Which is worse? Creating the jobs and being an egotistical boor or taking a job from someone you supposedly consider a racist? There are plenty of people who will fill the jobs Trump creates. Not so many can create the jobs…

              2. Douglas Ross

                I ask this because I don’t know – was anyone in your family tree that you have researched a job creator? An employer of many people?

                1. Douglas Ross

                  Another bet I’d love to take. Worthless, right? No value? He will lose all of his 4 billion dollars. Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. And I hope you have a plan to help the thousands of workers who would be affected by Trump going out of business. I don’t expect Elizabeth Warren to be opening up a chain of hotels or golf courses.

                  There’s a better chance of him starting a cable news network to go up against Fox News and get even richer. Palin, Hannity, maybe O’Reilly… I bet there’s even some liberals who would jump at the chance to make millions being the voice of the other side.

                2. Claus

                  Doug, Elizabeth Warren is just another screeching mouth hoping for a cabinet position or ambassadorship.

                3. Bart

                  “Trumps brand will be worthless in a few years.” bud

                  Ever wonder how people who drive Volkswagen’s feel about Hitler and Nazi Germany? How about the steel company the Mengele family owned that continued after WWII? Since it is a popular practice to equate Trump with Hitler, maybe this comparison is in line with that particular train of thought.

                  In other words, if the brand is good enough, it will survive. Subway is doing a booming business although their spokesperson was/is a pedophile and serving time for his crimes.

                  It is a defense of Trump, just a repudiation of a sycophant’s comment that has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

  2. Burl Burlingame

    I ate at Chic-Fil-A once and they made the mistake of asking how I liked it on my way out. “Not gay enough!” I snarled.

      1. Claus

        Maybe he just prefers the quality of food at McDonalds or Taco Bell. There are only so many places you can find beef flavored filling.

      2. Bart

        And once the word got out in the community that Burl “snarled” at them on the way out the door, they closed the doors and never reopened because Burl “shamed” them with his biting and stinging comment.

    1. Claus

      Chic-Fil-A is about the only fast food I’ll eat. Good food, clean restaurants and excellent service….

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