It was inevitable

I got this from a certain former newspaperman-turned-bureaucrat who’s too chicken to put his name on it.  But then, as he admits, he didn’t write it himself. The joke is obvious, but this takes it beyond the obvious, and is therefore somewhat creative:

George:   Condi!  Nice to see you.  What’s happening?
Condi:   Sir, I have the report here about the new leader of China.
George:   Great.  Lay it on me.
Condi:   Hu is the new leader of China.
George:   That’s what I want to know.
Condi:   That’s what I’m telling you.
George:   That’s what I’m asking you.  Who is the new leader of China?
Condi:   Yes.
George:   I mean the fellow’s name.
Condi:   Hu.
George:   The guy in China.
Condi:   Hu.
George:   The new leader of China.
Condi:   Hu.
George:   The main man in China!
Condi:   Hu is leading China.
George:   Now whaddya’ asking me for?
Condi:   I’m telling you, Hu is leading China.
George:   Well, I’m asking you.  Who is leading China?
Condi:   That’s the man’s name.
George:   That’s who’s name?
Condi:   Yes.
George:   Will you, or will you not, tell me the name of the new leader
of China?
Condi:   Yes, sir.
George:   Yassir?  Yassir Arafat is in China?  I thought he’s dead in
the Middle East.
Condi:   That’s correct.
George:   Then who is in China?
Condi:   Yes, sir.
George:   Yassir is in China?
Condi:   No, sir.
George:   Then who is?
Condi:   Yes, sir.
George:   Yassir?
Condi:   No, sir.
George:  Look Condi.  I need to know the name of the new leader of
China.  Get me the Secretary General of the U.N. on the phone.
Condi:   Kofi?
George:   No, thanks.
Condi:  You want Kofi?
George:   No.
Condi:   You don’t want Kofi.
George:  No.  But now that you mention it, I could use a glass of milk.
And then get me the U.N.
Condi:   Yes, sir.
George:  Not Yassir!  The guy at the U.N.
Condi:  Kofi?
George:  Milk!  Will you please make the call?
Condi:  And call who?
George:  Who is the guy at the U.N?
Condi:   Hu is the guy in China
George:   Will you stay out of China?!
Condi:   Yes, sir.
George:   And stay out of the Middle East!  Just get me the guy at the
Condi:  Kofi.
George:  All right!  With cream and two sugars.

21 thoughts on “It was inevitable

  1. Brian

    I give it a 5 for creativity and a 3 for factual correctness. People make fun of GW but let’s face it he didn’t get into office having the intelligence of a 4 year old. He has terrible public speaking skills and in turn people assume that he is also as inept in his overall intelligence. So if Alan Greenspan or Einstein stuttered would we call them stupid?

  2. David

    It “ain’t” just stuttering. I voted for President Bush twice but the guy uses some interesting non-words and butchers words so bad that they aren’t even real words.
    If your fast food counter guy does that you question how smart he is and when the President does the same thing people are going to question how smart he is at the same time.

  3. Doug

    I heard GWB was so jealous of all the books Jimmy Carter has written that he recently finished a book of his own.. he even managed to color within the lines.
    My impression of GWB is that he is a guy who has skated through life using the connections his more intelligent father and grandfather built. There is little evidence in his resume of personal initiative, intellectual curiousity, or critical thought. He has a history of being bailed out via his father’s influence.
    He’s a backslapper… a delegator… a
    poseur… a stubborn slacker… a guy who doesn’t seem to be interested in the analysis of complex ideas.
    Risking the obvious knee-jerk response from the partisan crowd, I would say that in my lifetime (45 years), only Gerald Ford demonstrated less depth than GWB.

  4. Lee

    It’s amazing how he buffoon president, as described by the socialist media, will be daily accused of diabolical plots which confound his opposition.
    Of course, this complex villain is the same person who earned an MBA at Harvard, which gentle geniuses Bill Clinton and Al Gore were being expelled from college.

  5. Lee

    And my typing error of “which geniuses” instead of “while geniuses” will really confuse the average Bush hater.

  6. Doug

    Some facts for Lee :

    Clinton received a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (B.S.F.S.) degree from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and won a Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford, (University College) in England. After attending Oxford, Clinton obtained a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Yale Law School in 1973
    Gore graduated from Harvard in June 1969 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.
    GWB has been quoted about the “gentleman’s C’s” he received while in college. I’m fairly sure that had his name been George W. Smith, his academic credentials would have been less stellar. The same can be said for Gore, but not Clinton – at the very least, you have to have some level of admiration for Clinton’s ability to rise from NOTHING to the presidency. GWB has been riding on the gravy train since day one.

  7. BLSaiken

    I’m less interested in academic attainments than in unanswered questions: What was W doing from 1970 to 1972 when he was a part-time pilot for the Texas Air National Guard?

  8. Lee

    In 1970 to 1972, hippie John Kerry was being financed by the KGB, dishonorably discharged from the US Navy, as one of their useful idiots. Unlike Bush, he has done little to better himself since then.

  9. Doug

    >> Unlike Bush, he has done little to
    >> better himself since then.
    That is true. Kerry didn’t have to stop getting drunk and doing coke.
    I know being a multi-term
    U.S. Senator/ boy-toy of a multi-millionaire widow is pretty rough, but I guess Kerry will just have to deal with the stigma.

  10. Lee

    Well, the author of that smear book on Bush already he was paid by Gore 2000 to make it up, so the Bush bashers have to come up with a new story.
    Maybe Bush, with a 1-A draft classification, couldn’t get a good job, and his parents refused to just make one in the oil company, so he played around like a lot of his generation. At least he didn’t consort with the enemy, as Kerry, Clinton and Gore did.

  11. ex parte

    Creative bit of humor. It made me laugh when I read it. Sounds to me like some of you need to lighten up a bit.

  12. David

    The Harvard MBA Bush earned is impressive.
    The following isn’t
    “Those who enter the country illegally violate the law.”
    Laura and I will thank them from the bottom of my heart.”
    I promise you I will listen to what has been said here, even though I wasn’t here.” —George W. Bush, speaking at the President’s Economic Forum in Waco, Texas, Aug. 13, 2002
    We need an energy bill that encourages consumption.” —George W. Bush, Trenton, N.J., Sept. 23, 2002
    “We cannot let terrorists and rogue nations hold this nation hostile or hold our allies hostile.” —George W. Bush, Des Moines, Iowa, Aug. 21, 2000
    “I have a different vision of leadership. A leadership is someone who brings people together.” —George W. Bush, Bartlett, Tenn., Aug. 18, 2000
    Will the highways on the Internet become more few?” —George W. Bush, Concord, N.H., Jan. 29, 2000
    “Rarely is the questioned asked: Is our children learning?” —George W. Bush, Florence, South Carolina, Jan. 11, 2000

  13. Dave

    David, those are funny. But the good thing about Bush is that nearly all Americans know that he says what he means and means what he says. Compare that to the Panderer-in-Chief Slick Willie who sized up whomever he was talking to and then told them what they wanted to hear. Now that may be done in an articulate manner but it is still sickening to most people.

  14. BLSaiken

    Lee must have read the German General Staff axiom, “Always attack, never defend”. I notice he answered my question about President Bush with: 1) an attack on John Kerry; 2) a “maybe this happened” scenario; 3) an accusation that Kerry, Clinton, and Gore were guilty of “consort[ing] with enemy. Wonder when Gore did it? When he was in Vietnam? Either answer the question or be man enough to say, “I don’t know”.

  15. David

    Dave, I don’t want to compare anyone to Bill Clinton. 8 years was long enough to think about him. Excusing Bush by comparing him to Clinton is like my 5 year old telling me that he shouldn’t have to eat his dinner because his little brother didn’t have to eat his…….
    and I agree that most people know Bush means what he says. If I, along with the rest of America, could figure it out (see above quotes) that would be a plus.

  16. Lee

    Mr. Saiken,
    I answered your smear against G.W. Bush with the confession of the source of those lies, who said he was paid by the Gore 2000 campaign to make them up. His book was removed from the stores a long time ago.
    I don’t know what Bush was doing in 1970, but we do know the exact seditious activities of Clinton, Kerry and Gore in those years, because they were in the news.

  17. BLSaiken

    Lee, I made NO accusations against George W. Bush. I haven’t read the book to which you refer. But you are like so many of the President’s admirers, you’d rather pass wild rumors about his opponents than get him to answer questions about his past.

  18. Dave

    BLSaiken – Bush has released ALL of his medical records and ALL of his military records. He has also admitted he used to drink and party irresponsibly. What else do you want from his past? Minute by minute time records? This has gotten ridiculous. Meanwhile, John Kerry, who although he was in a river patrol team of about 12 other guys, claimed he was in Cambodia one certain Christmas. Odd that his dozen team members have no recollection of that. Kerry will NOT release his military records, as he is ashamed of getting a dishonorable discharge. He is a fraud and to me he is the typical democrat leftist in America today. I do feel sorry for the likes of Joe Lieberman and other dems who have some sense of patriotism and love for what this nation is all about.

  19. BLSaiken

    Dave, I don’t give a hoot in h___ about Bush’s records. I want to know what he was doing when he wasn’t flying. If he’d been in the regular military, the question would stand answered. He wasn’t (except in pilot training), so it stands unanswered.

  20. Lee

    The stories about Clinton are not rumors, but are related by eyewitnesses. The White House physician resigned the first week after the 1993 innauguration because Clinton was using street drugs. The KGB officer who managed Kerry’s anti-war group has written about how they used such “useful idiots”. Al Gore was photographed with rioters outside the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.

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