Obama has a secret, and he’s not telling


arack Obama is playing very coy with his veep selection, saying "I’ve made the selection, and that’s all you’re going to get." At least until Saturday. Unless you’ve joined the secret club.

That Obama, he’s such a tease.

On a serious note, I’m hoping for my man Joe. No, not that man Joe, my other man Joe. No, and not that man Joe, either! I mean the one from Delaware. Sheesh. (Y’all know I like Joes.)

He is the perfect complement, just chock full o’ experience, thereby compensating for Obama’s greatest weakness. Yeah, Joe can talk you to death, but he’s a smart and thoughtful guy, and about the only Democrat who was putting forth a real plan for Iraq back when it was the thing to talk about. (You’ll notice that now that the surge has succeeded, and we actually can talk about timetables for withdrawal, they’re a lot quieter on the subject.)

Kathleen Sebelius is cool — very UnParty — but he really doesn’t need another fresh new face on his ticket.

Unfortunately, I have reason to believe that it will be neither Biden nor Sebelius. Apparently, the folks at the WashPost know something, and they’re giving us a hint with their headline: "Obama Says He Has Chosen His No. 2."

Obviously, that means he has chosen veteran actor Robert Wagner.

Remember, you read it here first.

20 thoughts on “Obama has a secret, and he’s not telling

  1. tomfliesthebonnieblue

    great choice. as i recall #2 had extensive international business experience, and great organizational skills. He’ll help with the youth and women votes too.

  2. Wally Altman

    So far as I can tell you don’t have to make a donation to get the notice; they just happened to include the link in a fundraising email.
    I’m hoping for Biden as well.

  3. Snead

    Why all the references to paying for the info from the Obama Campaign? All you have to do for the text message is send a message to the number and you’re on the list or send an email, no donation required.
    Is this you trying to be funny or just trying to find some way to link back to your own blog?
    I’m a slow adult. Please help me understand.

  4. bud

    The press is making way more of a big deal about the VP choices than it warrants. The VP has very little power to make decisions so what is REALLY important is how the 2 men stack up on the issues.
    McCain supports spending trillions on military hardward and foreign policy adventurism.
    Obama is more pragmatic. He won’t cut the military budget as much as it should but at least he won’t go crazy wasting taxpayer money on useless military crap that serves only to get us embroiled in imperialism misadventures.
    McCain supports huge tax cuts for very wealthy citizens. His cuts for working class folks is almost inconsequential. These proposals will just continue the deficit spending heritage of Reagan and the 2 Bushes.
    Obama will give nice tax cuts to most Americans by requiring the wealthy pull their weight. His fiscally responsible tax policies will ensure a healthy economy by limiting deficit spending.
    McCain is so out of touch with most Americans he can’t even tell you how many houses he owns. He relies on folks like the nasueating Phil Gramm for advice on economic matters. It’s people like Gramm who have created the horrific housing crisis that we suffer through. The McCain/Gramm ticket is one that will only transfer more and more wealth from working class Americans to the super rich and Chinese.
    Obama will begin the long process of bringing American prosperity back to the people who need it most, those who work for a living. Obamas plans promise a return to a healthy manufacturing sector and a secure economic future for our children and grandchildren.
    McCain wants to continue the failures of Republican Health Care.
    Obama will move in the direction of affordable health care for all.
    McCain has abandoned his core principals such as his long-time opposition to torture. He just can’t be trusted.
    Obama stands by his commentments to bring justice to all people and will work with people from around the world to make sure human rights and dignity are honored.

  5. Brad Warthen

    After I posted this, I saw that David Brooks thought the same as I did on this:

        Barack Obama has decided upon a vice-presidential running mate. And while I don’t know who it is as I write, for the good of the country, I hope he picked Joe Biden.
        Biden’s weaknesses are on the surface. He has said a number of idiotic things over the years and, in the days following his selection, those snippets would be aired again and again.
        But that won’t hurt all that much because voters are smart enough to forgive the genuine flaws of genuine people. And over the long haul, Biden provides what Obama needs:…

    That David Brooks is a smart guy.

  6. James D McCallister

    I’m more interested in hearing how McCain’s vetting of Lindsey Graham and Mark Sanford is going.

  7. Brad Warthen

    Sorry, I didn’t know it was a serious question.
    Um, let’s see. It wouldn’t have been true for me to say no one would know before the announcement, because I knew that a fund-raising e-mail I received had offered folks the chance to know early. So I acknowledged that. And in keeping with my personal mania for HTML (you may have noticed that a lot of words in my posts are in blue?), I provided links to further info on that.
    So you really wanted me to explain all that? Really?

  8. Snead

    I guess I’m just retarded, Brad.
    It looks like like not once but twice you insinuate that donors can get the text alert before anyone else when the truth is that ANYONE who sends a text can be on the list, donor or not.
    In your previous post you also insinuate people must pay in order to receive the text:
    “*People are so wired now to know things right this second that they’ll pay money to be among the first few million to know. * People think it’s a cheesy come-on, but will give just because they want to give, yet again, to the party.
    * This is way off base, and won’t raise a dime.”
    What’s the disconnect here? Really. Are you confused or is it just me?

  9. Snead

    Also, can you show me where there is even a solicitation for donations in the message you received? It must be hidden in the images which aren’t available because it certainly isn’t in the text.
    Feel free to ignore me and move on if this seems like a ridiculous issue, but I can’t wrap my head around the fact that an editor of an allegedly-major newspaper has his facts wrong on such a simple issue.

  10. Brad Warthen

    OK, ya got me — there is no overt mention of giving money. I had not noticed that. Fortunately, that point wasn’t terribly important to what I was saying, so I was able to keep the posts after editing them.

    You do, of course, see the connection between this sort of gimmick and fund-raising, though, right? You sign up for these e-mail updates — I’ve signed up for them from both Obama and McCain — and as a result, you get a lot of messages asking for money. You also get heads-up indications of what the campaign is stressing at a given moment, which is why I sign up for them. But you also get a lot of come-ons for money. It’s like when you go to the main address for campaigns, you first get an opportunity to sign up to give money or time.

    This is also why grocery stores want to give me a discount if I’ll give them data on myself and carry a plastic tag on my keychain. These things shape my impression of why a campaign wants to let me in on a "secret."

    So call me a cynic.

  11. Brad Warthen

    Also, call me hurried and impatient.
    My previous, facetious replies resulted from not taking seriously the point you were trying very hard to make. Sorry about that.

  12. dave

    Obama vs. McCain.
    Two idiots in a tight race to the bottom.
    Obama first because he’s frighteningly unqualified and yet seems intently interested in bringing the acme of mediocrity to his already uninspiring ticket with Joe “The Plagiarist” Biden.
    Then there’s McCain, apparently not satisfied with being older than dirt…he’s reaching out to Granamnesty to get the “oily snake in the grass” loving part of the electorate covered.
    In a different and better time neither Obama nor McCain would even be considered for the presidency. We’re just like the citizens in Metropolis when Superman was absent…in the midst of calamitous world events and wondering “where is Superman?”

  13. Dave

    I’m voting for Calvin Coolidge…
    I’ve even got some campaign slogans ready. I’m cool on Cal! Shy Cal is fly! Who does Snoop Dog plan to vote for this year? Calvin Coolidge, for rizz.

  14. Lee Muller

    Obama’s secret is that he is not a US citizen, and is not eligible to run for the U.S. Senate or president.


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