See me on “Pub Politics” today at 6

Phil Bailey just called to ask me to fill in on the show this evening for Thad Viers, since it looks like the House is going to go into the night on the vetoes (he said they were on No. 46 or something).

Yes, that’s “Pub Politics,” the very show on which Sen. Jake Knotts called certain parties “ragheads,” or so I’m told. Somehow, Phil and Wes (Donehue) have yet to get around to posting that episode where I can see it. (In the paper this morning, it was, oddly enough, referred to as an “Internet radio show.” Maybe things have changed. Both times I was on it, there was video.)

Anyway, this is a special occasion, in that I will be the first and ONLY member of the “Three-Timers Club.” Maybe it’s not as prestigious as the club Steve Martin and Elliott Gould and Paul Simon and Tom Hanks belong to, but I take my honors where I can get them.

You can watch the show here.

6 thoughts on “See me on “Pub Politics” today at 6

  1. Michael P.


    Signal runs for 2 seconds, freezes for 5-6, runs for 1, freezes for 4, runs for 3, freezes for 10, etc.

  2. Michael P.

    Hopefully the audio will be better too… it was hard to hear.

    So do you think it’s best if they stop mid-session and drink two beers (actually each beer looked like two beers) then going back?

  3. Brad

    Thanks for trying, Michael. Watch it tomorrow, in higher def. I’ll post the links. Since none of us said “f___ing ragheads” tonight, I expect Phil and Wes will post it.

    When I left them, they were debating whether they had to go back to work over at the Senate. I recommended that they DO…

    Thad Viers DID make it, and was there to present the Sanford/Haley worldview.

    It was a good show.

  4. Elle

    actually, when you see the video, you will notice Viers is drinking non-alcoholic beer. Not that I really think it matters.

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