Finally, a perfect job fit for me!

Back during my long period of unemployment, I signed up for a number of Internet services to help me in the job hunt. I still get emails from them.

Today, I got one that claimed, “An employer or recruiter on TheLadders just posted a job that matched with your profile.”

Exciting news, eh?

What was the job? Vice President of Logistics for Belk. An excerpt from the description:

This position is responsible for planning and coordinating domestic transportation and retail DC operations and includes operational and fiscal responsibility for these activities.  He / She will take a strategic leadership approach and will be accountable for creating plans to develop and integrate the capabilities of the organization in line with the current Supply Chain Mission.  The VP of Logistics ensures that internal and external customers receive the highest level of service, makes decisions that maximize the operation’s performance and cost metrics, and builds strong associate work teams with a positive work environment…

Yeah… that’s me all over.

This would be mildly amusing except for something else I know… algorithms that are no more sophisticated than the one that saw this as right up my alley are making decisions about who will get interviewed for jobs and who will not. I don’t know how many jobs I got rejected for before a single human being had looked at my application, but I assure you it would be a depressing number.

5 thoughts on “Finally, a perfect job fit for me!

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Oh, and if you’re wondering how this happened… my title at The State was Vice President/Editorial Page Editor.

    The only correlation between my resume and this opening was the words “vice president.”

  2. Mark Stewart

    The two sure fire ways to find a job are through personal relationships and by creating the position you want.

    The thing I laughed at were corporations asking for a video interview – even when we were both in the same market. No, sorry. Give me a person or I will give you a no thank you (not that they care, but why should I commit effort to what would be more widely seen on YouTube – by, like, my mother and no orher).

    Actually, anything that involves HR is a simple non-starter.

  3. Brad Warthen Post author

    Today, I got an email heads-up on “13 new jobs matching your skills.”

    Among what it said were “Vice President/Editorial Page Editor jobs within 25 miles of West Columbia” were the following:

    Vice president of data solutions
    Sales representative
    ASL interpreter
    Pharmaceutical sales rep
    RN travel nurse
    Dock worker

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