THE most cringe-inducing political ad of the 2014 election

Doug Ross brought this to my attention in a previous thread, and he was castigated for seeming to criticize these ladies for their appearance.

Which I don’t think he meant to do.

In any case, what’s wrong with this painful ad has nothing to do with anyone’s relative attractiveness.

This is, without a doubt, the most cringe-inducing ad I’ve seen this election year. Terrible idea, very badly executed. Or maybe it just seems like a bad idea because it’s done so badly…

No… No… It was a bad idea, compounded by the poor acting skills of the principals. Or maybe they’re wonderful thespians, but were so put off by the material that they just weren’t at the top of their game. Dying is easy; comedy is hard. And dark, twisted comedy is the hardest, apparently.

Next time, if there is a next time, just have Jenny endorse her. Leave out the way-too-creepy joke…

8 thoughts on “THE most cringe-inducing political ad of the 2014 election

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    Sure, it is a seriously stupid concept, poorly executed. It is painful to watch.

    –but not because the women are not young and beautiful….

    1. Mark Stewart

      It does ding the image of the SoS candidate as smart and savvy, however. And confirm Jenny’s less positive traits; that’s one damaged psyche on display (again)…

    2. Brad Warthen Post author

      Well, she might be smart and savvy. And when she saw the way this came out, it was either air the awful thing or do without Jenny’s endorsement, which is still useful to her despite the torture of this ad.

      I think. This is bad enough that it MAY cancel out the benefit…

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    Just to fairly represent another view, Sean Sullivan at The Washington Post actually LIKED the ad:

    Okay, the former Palmetto State first lady isn’t talking about that Mark — ex-husband, onetime governor and now Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.). She’s talking about Republican Mark Hammond, the secretary of state. And she’s doing it on behalf of Ginny Deerin in one of the cleverest ads we have seen this election cycle.

  3. Karen Pearson

    That was a sick joke. It might have been a passable ad if directed against the other Mark. But then, there would be no “joke.”

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