Endorsement interview posts

Here are the endorsement interviews that I did separate posts on. Most of these were done at the time, but some I went back and completed later — so don’t assume you’ve read them already.

I didn’t write posts on all 51 interviews, to my own great disappointment. The meetings just came too fast and furious for me to write in between, and as of tomorrow, catching up time is over. Some of these posts are no more, or hardly more, than the vignettes I did in some recent columns. Some of the shortest are on some of the biggest races (I used the material in columns and other related posts instead).

But hey — I’ll bet this is more info than you’ve ever gotten before on a newspaper’s endorsements.

And yes, you can read them all just by clicking on the category, "Endorsement interviews." But I thought this would be more convenient for those looking for notes on specific candidates. Anyway, here’s what I’ve got:

Governor, Republican
Mark Sanford
Oscar Lovelace
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Governor, Democratic

Tommy Moore
Frank Willis
Dennis Aughtry
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Superintendent of Education
Bob Staton
Karen Floyd
Kerry Wood
Mike Ryan
Elizabeth Moffly
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S.C. Treasurer
Greg Ryberg
Thomas Ravenel
Rick Quinn
Jeff Willis
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Lieutenant Governor
Mike Campbell
Andre Bauer
Henry Jordan
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Agriculture Commissioner
Hugh Weathers
William Bell

Secretary of State

Bill McKown
Mark Hammond
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2nd Congressional District

David White
Michael Ray Ellisor

S.C. House District 70

Joe Neal
Billy Richardson
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S.C. House District 73

Chris Hart
Joe E. Brown

S.C. House District 77

Joe McEachern
John Scott

S.C. House District Republican
Bill Cotty
Sheri Few
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S.C. House District 79 Democratic
Anton Gunn
Todd Wood

S.C. House District 89
Kenny Bingham
Artie White
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S.C. House District 96
Ken Clark
Kit Spires

Richland County Auditor

Harry Huntley
Paul Brawley (Did not come in for interview)

Richland County Council District 1

William Malinowski
Jim Holcombe
Harold Driver

Richland County Council District 4

Paul Livingston
Alvin Portee

Richland County Council District 5

Kit Smith
Valerie Ingram

Richland County Council District 11
Tony Mizzell
Norman Jackson

Lexington County Council District 2

Keith Bush
R.L. Julius

Lexington County Council District 7
John Carrigg
Art Guerry
Kirk Cox

Lexington County Council District 8
Bill Banning
Joe Owens

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